He thought the rodeo was the only thing that could give his heart a wild ride… until he met her.

There’s just one problem… Oklahoma alphas can’t take a mate, and Ryan’s falling hard for the one she-wolf he can’t have.

Kate Quade is running from an arranged marriage. The Quade pack alpha wants pups conceived from rodeo royalty, and Kate fits the bill. But Kate doesn’t want to breed babies for an alpha determined to control her fate— she wants freedom. She applies for a position with the Oklahoma pack, and plans to leave with a job in hand… but she doesn’t expect to bond with the Alpha who’s declared himself the new sheriff in town.

Kate feels a mate-pull to Ryan… but then, why is he acting like he doesn’t want her?

Ryan can’t help but feel the need to keep Kate safe, nor can he stop the desire that arouses whenever she is near. But if he’s to become Alpha and save the Oklahoma wolves, he can’t take her as a mate… or there will be a price to pay. Problems only worsen when the Quade pack comes hunting for Kate, looking to bring back the she-wolf that will breed a new generation.

Breathtaking moments and erotic nights erupt between Ryan and Kate, and passion is set free. What will win? Pack loyalty… or love?

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